Vuzop Data-Driven Animations for Enterprises

What is Vuzop?
Vuzop produces animations driven by data from your database. Typically the data represents workflow, activities and/or events.

Vuzop is available in two ways:

  • As a service, where you provide your data to us and we return a video showing your data in motion
  • As a desktop application, where you connect to your data, create the animation layout and control the animation playback. No programming is required, though typically a data analyst will need to customize a few SQL statements to your database.

Simple Ad Hoc Videos As A Service

The simplest way to use Vuzop and get your own data-driven animated videos quickly, is to create a user account and submit your data. We will then produce an mp4 video for you which you can download and simply play or embed in your applications or dashboards.
Simple, ad hoc videos have a limited set of features to use in your videos and are free to use, subject to Vuzop’s discretion.

Click here to create an account and submit your data.

Recurring or More Complex Videos As A Service

If you’ve tried an ad hoc video and want to create new videos on a periodic basis or want to make use of more features, we can create customized videos for you. This involves collaborating on the features and specific needs you have, and also implementing an automated way for us to obtain the data. This could be such mechanisms as automated transmission of your files to use through secure email, scheduled uploading of your data to our secure server, or remote access of our secure server to your designated database.

Installation and Training of the Vuzop Visualization Tool

If you really want complete control and creativity over your data-driven animations, you can purchase a license to Vuzop and install it on your desktops. We work with you to configure the software and work side by side with you to become familiar with creating your own data-driven animations, and optionally integrating them with other sources of information such IoT or cameras.