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I’m Steve Kilner and I founded Vuzop along with co-founder, Sean Mann.

For nearly ten years I’ve been thinking about how to visualize business operations. I say this very distinctly from visualizing business data. Having developed core applications for many large businesses over a thirty year period, I had also developed a way of understanding each business as a kind of machine. The machine had inputs, such as materials or labor, it had processes, and it had output, such as services or goods.

I always wanted a way to “see” each business running as an animated machine.

Over the years I thought about it periodically – how would I make this visualization? I looked at libraries for C, Java, C#, Javascript, etc, but it always seemed like a lot of foundational work to get something going.

In late 2015 I decided I wanted to learn VR development, and quickly focused on Unity as a development platform. I hired a series of tutors to teach me Unity development, and with one of them, Sean, everything totally clicked. After spending just a couple weeks working together, it became clear to me that Unity was the tool I had been looking for all those years to create visualizations of business operations. So we partnered up, and within weeks we had the very first prototype running. Over months we refined, rewrote and reimagined the tool.

Along the way we integrated the business visualizations with the real world visualization available from cameras – including, just coming onto the market, 360 streaming video cameras. And then we realized there’s a whole other real world out there represented by the internet of things, so we incorporated that into our thinking.

Using Unity as the development platform made it feasible to enable all these visualizations for virtual reality, so we included that feature as well. If you’ve spent any time in a VR headset one thing you know is that it’s isolating. So we added some very cool collaboration capabilities.

Then, coming full circle on VR, we decided Vuzop was being held back by the still limited user input and graphics resolution capabilities of VR, so we circled back and added features we had been sitting on to the Windows version of the tool.

Vuzop is an amazing tool ready to bring fundamental changes and improvements to how businesses are run. As businesses have become increasingly complex it is a task in itself to make the business understandable to its managers and stakeholders, and to help them guide the business to optimal operations and value.

Please give it a try and help us lead the way to an amazing, productive, highly visible future of business!


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