The New Dashboard:Data-driven animations of your business!

U.S. Patent Pending

Visualize workflows and activities

Integrate streaming cameras

Integrate Internet of Things

Watch animated transaction, workflow or BPM activities from your enterprise systems.

Watch real-time or replays.

Integrate camera feeds for live or historical views of operations.

See 360 video for full presence experience, or standard video feeds.

Integrate and visualize sensor data from IoT devices.

Visualize data feeds integrated with workflow or camera views.

A virtual enterprise control tower at full scale
for all employees

Everyone sees everything, everywhere.

Gain an unprecedented scope of visibility into operations.

By integrating your enterprise workflow with onsite or mobile cameras and internet of things data feeds into one coherent view, everyone in your organization can be anywhere at any time – with full business context – no matter where they are located.

Collaborative insight and solutions.

By collaborating in a virtual space with all information at their fingertips people understand problems, create lasting solutions and build team buy-in.

Management Quiz for the New Economy
What is more likely to find and fix problems?

1. People emailing and talking on the phone, each looking at their own fragments of information.
2. People working and talking together in the same place looking at the full scope of information in context.

VR, Windows, Android, iOS capable

Vuzop can be run on any VR device, such as the Oculus Rift, that supports the Unity platform. It runs equally well on Windows desktops and laptops, and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

The most awesome and insightful experience is to see your full business view in a 360 VR or AR view. For those without that setup, Vuzop is fully useful, informative and collaborative from traditional Windows and mobile devices.

Product images courtesy Oculus, Dell and Worldviz.

Watch your business run real-time or replay past timeframes at real speed, sped up, slowed down, single-framed, reversed or looped.

See different times, locations, filters or perspectives replayed side by side for comparison.


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